We’re still in the race.

Today I just feel like I’m missing something. I’m giving it a shot, but I just can’t quite get my head above water long enough to take a deep, cleansing, refreshing breath.🏊‍♂️

I feel like a lot of moms fall into two categories. Either (1) We try our hardest to be the picture perfect Pinterest parents, or (2) We basically realize that goal is way too lofty and out of reach, so we gave up on perfection a long time ago and aren’t even going to try with that nonsense.


My baby just turned a year…. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Anyway, this was the extent of my birthday decorations. Scraps from my sewing room and letters and photos printed quickly within the hour guests arrived. This was all hung up while people were socializing, but I GOT IT DONE! Winning.


The truth is, most of us actually want to be good moms. We want our kids to know they can trust us. We want to keep our tempers under control. We don’t want our toddlers to win the battle or the war for our dignity. We want them to learn and grow well.

But OH MY GOODNESS, I feel like just getting everyone breakfast AND lunch before 2pm is an accomplishment. If everyone is wearing pants at the table, I may as well qualify for a medal. I’m definitely still working on finding my stride, and a lot of days, we are in survival mode.

Fun kid activity before 10am outside my house? Probably not going to happen.

Big kid asleep by 8pm? A unicorn may as well show up on my balcony. 🦄

I love Pinterest and all, but I am so not perfect. #1 is out.

The give-up-on-momming option looks a lot more enticing, but I think I’m called to more.

I think I’m supposed to keep trying my best to be a great mom to my kids. It is my job right now, and it is so important. Are you going to come into my house and see a sweet display of my child’s finger paintings? NOPE. (Now that I think about it, I do think art is important though, so I’ll add it to the list of things I should be doing with my kid. 📜 ✔️)

I’ll make a mental list of the things I would like to be doing – maybe put it on paper on a good day. I’ll set goals and act like I’m a professional mom because in reality, that’s my gig right now. I won’t let that list make me feel less than anyone else or taunt me like a failure, but  will let it remind me that just surviving isn’t the long term plan.

You know though, if everyone is fed and semi clothed at the end of the day and I did reasonably close to my best, I’m going to feel good about it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.13.06 PM

Point: We are still in this race until we’re not. There is still work being done in us. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from showing your kids what perseverance and improvement looks like – even if it’s a few steps forward and a couple of steps back. You’re doing great! Your people are watching, and, more importantly, you’re watching yourself! You are looking in that mirror every day. You are going to thrive (at least some of the time). YOU GOT THIS!

I’m going to keep reminding myself that I’ve got this, too. I’m also going to continue to work on the goal that everyone is out of PJs by noon at least 4 out of 5 days.  💪



P.S. I’ve been thinking a lot about failing. My next post is going to be about failure (in a good way I hope), so stay tuned.

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