A few months ago, I was a full time conventionally working mom of one beautiful, curly haired, strawberry blonde boy living and loving our life in Germany with my husband. I knew things were about to change, but I had no idea how much.

Fast (really fast) forward to now – I’m building my own businesses as a stay at home mom of two boys – my big kid and my new kid, living and exploring our new home in South Korea. You know that old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side?”

Now I’m officially on the flip side of, well, pretty much everything. I guess I’m about to find out.



I’m a 30 something stay at home mom of a very social toddler and a comparatively chill new baby living in a high rise apartment in South Korea with my super extroverted husband of eleven (11!?!) years and two furbabies.

Our family is loud, friendly, needy, and all over the place. We want to save the world and make you feel like you belong. We have a lot of feelings. We.are.a.lot. If you come hang with us, we might overwhelm you, but you always have a place at our table and you will never feel unloved. Unless you want. You do you.

I am sharing my love of doTERRA Essential Oils and Wellness products (hit me up if you’re interested!) and building my business as a birth doula.

We’re going on (mis)adventures and living the dream. Well, a very different dream than we imagined, and we’re more like hoping it’s the dream…


We lived in Germany for nearly seven years and saw so much of Europe! We traveled to the Baltic, Scandinavia, the British Isles, the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey to Northern Africa, and a ton in between! We’ve tried to see the world, and as of now, that amounts to 60+ countries! I love them all. Food, culture, clothes, architecture, scenery, PEOPLE! Seriously.

We’ve never met a place we didn’t like, and we rarely meet a person with whom we wouldn’t want to have coffee and a chat.

We dabble. There’s a lot off ADD type behavior around here. We’re into Essential Oils, low to no chemical cleaning, whole, plant based foods, and other holistic, sustainable living. We want to exercise, but we struggle. We try to just be active instead. I sew and take lots of pictures. I’m really into birth, and I think all birthing women are awesome. We all make music of some kind. We’re working on minimizing. Maybe we’ll be minimalists and live in an RV some day?

We’re dreamers. We’re sarcastic. We try to be kind.

We support organizations fighting to end human trafficking, aid orphans, and fight childhood diseases. We believe pro-life doesn’t end at birth.

We love Jesus, and we’re working on following him. It’s been a long road, and I hesitate to even mention it because we are definitely not poster children for a Godly life. We aren’t perfect, but we try to give a lot of Grace. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. We ask hard questions. We’re open to hard conversations.

We’re going to like you. We’re super confident, but like all good extroverts, we really want people to like us, too… so I hope you’re a fan!