Get Started with dōTERRA

So you want to know how to jump start your life with Essential Oils or dōTERRA Wellness products? Here are your options:

1 – RETAIL – Like anywhere else, you can purchase your essential oils and wellness products at retail. If you plan to order less than $140 in products per YEAR, this may be your best option. To purchase you oils, head to Blue Team Oils and click “Shop” at the top of the page and proceed as usual.

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2 – WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP – Wholesale members pay the wholesale price instead of retail. This means any purchase you make will be 25% off retail. When joining dōTERRA, you have a few quick decisions to make. The first is will you be a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER or a WELLNESS ADVOCATE? Both wholesale customers and wellness advocates purchase dōTERRA products at the wholesale price, have no obligation to buy and no minimum orders. The big difference is Wellness Advocates can share their love of dōTERRA and make an income. The way my team builds, we place new wellness advocates under the previously enrolled wellness advocates to build each person up and everyone can make some money – even if they’ve never personally enrolled anyone. Wellness Advocates provide their social security number if they’re in the US. It’s completely your preference, but what do you have to lose? I encourage everyone to consider enrolling as a Wellness Advocate even if you currently have no plans to pursue dōTERRA as a business.

The second question is what will you enroll with? Will you purchase a wholesale membership for $35 and add the oils you want? Or will you purchase an enrollment kit which includes the wholesale membership at no extra cost? Enrollment kits are always the better financial deal, but depending on what you want and what works best for you, there are no wrong answers.

All dōTERRA memberships are good for one year. All dōTERRA memberships through Blue Team Oils come with a wellness consult from me, lots of support from our amazing team, plenty of literature from dōTERRA, and the opportunity to enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program which helps you earn product credit when you shop and when you ship! It’s a fantastic program that helps dōTERRA become even more affordable and rewards you for being a loyal customer. I currently get 30% back!

To join as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, go to Blue Team Oils and click “Become a Member.”

For all enrollment kit options, click here: Enrollment Kits

For information on the Loyalty Rewards Program, click here: LRP Details

Interested in the business side of dōTERRA? Click here to learn more: doTERRA’s Business Opportunity

For information on anything else, contact me!