doTERRA’s Business Opportunity

I’m not much for talking money, but if you’re interested in what these Essential Oils can do for you as a business, this is where you can learn more. I truly, honestly believe that as far as a network marketing company, you will not find a better compensation plan for people that want to pursue this as a business.

Why? Because dōTERRA commissions INCREASE as your team grows deeper. You make 2% on your first level, but you can make 7% on your 7th level. Why is this significant? -1- Because as your business grows and your team grows, you will likely have more people on those lower levels meaning more income for you with the SAME number of people as if it was done like most network marketing companies where your highest commission are on your first level. AND -2- This encourages you to build your team deep. You add people vertically instead of horizontally. Your teammates also benefit from the downline, they make more money, everyone does better, and retention is stronger! Everyone wins! For an altruistic personality like me, I love that dōTERRA encourages me financially to help my entire team succeed. 

doTERRA Wellness Advocates make money 5 ways: -1- Retail -2- Unilevel Commissions -3- Power of 3 Bonuses -4- Fast Start Bonuses and -5- Leadership Pool Shares. While I didn’t go over each of those, I am happy to explain it to anyone that would like. Just contact me! In the mean time, here is where you can find the full dōTERRA Compensation Plan:

Click to access compensation-plan.pdf

So what are real dōTERRA Wellness Advocates actually making? It’s not cut and dry. The vast majority of dōTERRA members are just in to use and love their oils, so when looking at the number that succeed in creating supplementary or even replacement income, it’s important to keep that in mind. Here’s what dōTERRA has to say:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.36.11 PM

For the full story on this, please check out the full Income Disclosure Statement here:

For those actually pursuing the business, it is absolutely possible to make money. I personally know several people that have made it to the higher leadership ranks and are making real money. Will you make money? As with any business, it depends a lot on the time and effort you put in. I always recommend that people get into dōTERRA because they want to use Essential Oils and natural solutions for their families needs. My first goal was to make enough to cover the products I was using. My second has been to build a residual income base. I have a strong why and I’m putting time and effort into sharing dōTERRA. So far, I have been able to reach my goals, and I can only see myself going up from here as I share something I LOVE, I believe in, and I’m passionate about sharing! Will you join me?