This Oily Life

I love oils and I want to help every person and every family experience the benefits. Why? Because essential oils have made such a huge impact on my life.

I got started with oils when I was pregnant with my first son. I can’t have a pain medication during birth, so I desperately wanted to avoid an induction. I read that Clary Sage could help bring on contractions (please ask me before you try this). After further research, I knew I wanted to get my Essential Oils from doTERRA, and then I just happened to see a Essential Oils 101 class pop up in my local community. I didn’t know the host, but I showed up.

Within the hour, I found out how I could use all kinds of essential oils to impact the health and wellness of my family (and maybe calm my husband’s snoring) in a positive way, and I was hooked!


So what do essential oils look like in our home? Here are just a few examples:

They help our toddler SLEEP! Sweet sleep… He’s never been the best sleeper, but he sleeps SO MUCH BETTER when we diffuse oils in his room at night. I notice such a difference that when we travel, we take his diffuser. It is so worth the space it takes up in the suitcase. With cold and flu season here, our fave nighttime combo is Lavender, Melaleuca, Cederwood, and Juniper Berry.

The baby has been fighting congestion on and off with his teeth coming in, so we have been using a combo of Cypress, Lavender, Helicrysm, Cederwood, and Tangerine diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a roller on his chest. For teething pain, we dilute lavender and roll it right on his jaw line.

doTERRA OnGuard is in the diffuser ALL.THE.TIME to stop the seasonal threats at the door.

My husband, my son and I all roll diluted Frankincense on to give us an immune boost.

My husband rubs doTERRA Breathe on his chest at night to help with snoring. He doesn’t diffuse it because I avoid peppermint since I’m nursing.

My husband take 2 drops of Copaiba daily to help balance his mood. It makes a huge difference for him.

My son has a blend with Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, and Balance diluted in a roller to help him chill out when he’s out of control.

I use lemon with nausea or if I need a boost of energy.

Tummy problems call for doTERRA DigestZen, but we use dill on the baby.

I love a roller of Bergamot and Lime for fragrance and grounded energy throughout the day.

I use the doTERRA blends Forgive, Balance, and Cheer to get through the tough mom moments.

Our house is cleaned with Lemon or OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate – It gets the germs and throws out the toxins! I have a teeny bit of bleach for emergencies, but I use oils for ALL my cleaning and disinfecting including dishes, mopping, and bathrooms. Or to take permanent marker off the wall…. yeah, there’s an oil for that.

We use oils in our toothpaste, deodorant, face lotion, and hair products.

You want to get into oils and you don’t know where to start incorporating them? When you enroll with me, you not only get my help and years of research on how to use oils in YOUR life safely, but you get access to my entire team. They are a wealth of knowledge, and it’s a fantastic community of women AND men!

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On top of the extensive practical uses for oils in our home and great community we became a part of when we joined the doTERRA family, doTERRA has also provided us with a wonderful financial opportunity that has always been available even when our lives have been going a million unpredictable directions. If you would like to know more about the business opportunity when you join doTERRA, click here.